Applying for a customer number

Mediq Suomi Oy’s main customer groups are:

Those operating in public and private health care, and companies and entities employing staff with health care training. These include:
  • Health-promoting associations, federations, entrepreneurs (massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropodists, the Finnish Heart Association, the Finnish Diabetes Association, the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, the Cancer Society of Finland, ambulance operators and A-clinics) and the Finnish Red Cross.
  • Municipal and private old people’s homes/sheltered housing units, schools, upper-secondary schools, municipal day care centres and providers of social services and municipal dental clinics
  • Research and industrial customers: food industry, environmental and hydrology laboratories, and research institutes 
  • Universities, education institutions in which students can qualify as health-care professionals, student health care, occupational health care and private doctors
  • Government bodies: the police, prisons, military units, the Border Guard, the Navy, the Air Force, disabled war veterans’ associations and establishments providing disabled war veterans with treatment and rehabilitation
  • Other health-care businesses
If you operate in any of the above-mentioned sectors, please fill in the application form.

After completing the form, print it out and sign the document.
An extract from the Trade Register or a copy of the charter kept in the Trade Register should be appended to the application.
Please send the signed application and the appendices to:
Mediq Suomi Oy, customer service and customer relationships,
Po BOX 115, FI-02201 Espoo, Finland

Once we have received your application, we will provide your company/entity with a customer number, which is based on your delivery and invoicing addresses. We will send you a notification confirming your customer number. Please use the number whenever purchasing items from us, as it allows us to process your orders more quickly.
When contacting our customer service by phone or by e-mail, please provide
1) your name
2) your location
3) your customer number This will help us to provide you with a quicker service.

With your customer number you can also register as a user of our MEDIQ Webshop.

Mediq Suomi Oy, customer service and customer relationships
tel.: +358 (0)20 112 1510
fax: +358 (0)20 112 1511