Sinuscan 301 - Ultrasonic scanner for rapid diagnostics of sinusitis

Sinuscan is designed for detecting anomalies in the maxillary and frontal sinuses. 
Sinuscan works by transmitting ultrasonic energy pulses and receiving reflected sonar echoes from acoustic layers in the same manner as an echo sounder. Examination method is clinically proven. 

Sinuscan functions as an aid for determining a diagnosis or as a base for further examinations - reduces the need for MRI.

- Sinuscan is realiable and easy to use.
- The procedure is fast and safe for the patient and the physician.
- The examination can easily be repeated with no additional risk for the patient.
- Sinuscan can be used during pregnancy and with children 3 years and older. 

A new feature is the ability to save measurements as a pdf file or print out the results from a web-based form at If there is no internet access, the measurements can be printed out with an Excel macro  which creates the curves from csv-files. Patient details can also be added. Examination results can be stored as PDFs or printed out with any printer connected to the local PC. Please find the macro among the useful Sinuscan links on the left.

Sinuscan is manufactured in Finland by Mediq Suomi Oy.

Mediq Suomi ISO 9001 13485 eng 

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