About Mediq Suomi

Mediq Suomi is part of the Mediq Group, a major player in global healthcare. In Finland, we have long traditions; we have been active in health care since the 1970's as part of Oriola. We became Mediq Suomi in 2010 and are Finland’s leading supplier of healthcare and laboratory equipment, supplies and services. 

We are very proud of our roots. We Finns may not be keen to say too much, but we keep our promises. And in today’s challenging and ever-changing business environment, that’s what counts. Which is why so many of the world’s top international manufacturers, along with so many customers, reward us with their trust and loyalty. This is reflected in our ISO 9001 ja ISO 13485 certifications (specifically for medical devices).


Our customers are hospitals and primary healthcare providers in the public and private sectors, clinical laboratories as well as research and industrial laboratories. We focus on medical devices and supplies, and laboratory products.

Exclusive Distributorships & Partnerships

Mediq Suomi has an excellent reputation and customer base, along with local expertise, product training and logistics capability. Through exclusive contracts, we provide the best channel to market for your products.

For our suppliers we operate as an exclusive sales, marketing, customer service, technical service and logistics partner.

Inspired to Innovate

Investing in healthcare is investing in people and society. This is what we believe in and what drives us. We carry out this important task with the help of our suppliers by providing the best  devices, innovative products and methods for healthcare and laboratory professionals. Innovation means finding new ways of serving our customers with increasingly better care.  

We Guarantee Product Quality and Safety

Mediq takes the utmost care in supplying safe products to the market. 
To guarantee quality and safety we
- ensure compliance with laws and regulations
- issue internal guidelines and arrange external certification schemes
- evaluate suppliers for quality and prevention of counterfeiting.

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